Brightlingsea Lido

90th Year Anniversary
1932 - 2022

Find out what's happening to celebrate 90 years of community service

Wooly Project

Help needed for a community wooly project please!

We are creating a wooly picture to be displayed as part of Brightlingsea Lido’s 90th celebrations.

This is an entirely volunteer run project – aimed at people wanting to share their “wooly hobby”. Anyone who can cobble together a square can be involved, and for those wanting to contribute more complex creations – there will be opportunity to do this as well (please leave contact details if interested at Mending Matters, FAO Nicola, or comment below).

*** Please pass on this request to family and friends who are housebound, not on social media or unlikely to see this – we would love this to reach out to people isolated at home and is the main aim of this project. The majority of this project will be completed by individuals in their own homes, but pulled together at the end to display outside the lido. Collection of completed sections can be arranged in B’sea.

We need:

• Knit or crochet (any stitch) BLUE (any shade) squares approx. 4 inches/10 cms ; and long lengths of 2 inch/5cm wide (up to approx 1m /1yrd in length)

• Donations of wool, especially blues of all shades, but all colours gratefully appreciated. Wool will be shared with Mending Matters for their classes and workshops.

Please drop off any completed squares to Mending Matters or The Lido Café, FAO Nicola before 21st May 2022.


A collection of written words to celebrate 90 years of Brightlingsea Lido

Copies can be purchased from Front of House