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Brightlingsea Lido has been run by a Charitable Incorporated Organisation since 2018,
having been taken over from Tendring District Council who intended to close the pool. As a
charity our overriding priority is to secure the pool for future generations, and we have been
committed from the outset to doing so is a way which is both inclusive and sustainable.


Significant immediate improvements to access at the lido included:

1. Installation of new wheelchair accessible ramps (and alternative steps with handrails) at
entry to the site, giving on to level poolside access
2. Creation of a large accessible toilet and shower facility with drop-down seat, based on
reconfiguration of the existing (non-accessible) changing facilities (See note 1 below).
3. Installation of handrails on the right and left-hand side of built-in steps at the shallow end.
4. An adult changing bench for the accessible changing facility.

5. A poolside hoist.

Longer-term, we hope to raise the funds for a platform lift to provide wheelchair access to
the decking at the rear of our new terraced cafe from the poolside, and to the café ordering

Management policies
Concessionary rates are offered for disabled users 
2. Dedicated accessible (‘quiet’) swimming sessions.

We welcome feedback from users and potential users to ensure we continue to meet the
needs of all members of the community who might wish to use the lido.
We have a dedicated email for access issues

Sources of guidance
Sport England (2010) Design Guidance Note: ‘Accessible Sports Facilities’ Formerly known as
Access for Disabled People (Updated 2010 guidance)
Sport England (2013) Design Guidance Note: ‘Swimming Pools’


The accessible lift has been installed.  Users/carers who need access, please email with contact details several days in advance of your visit.  So that  arrangements can be made to support your needs.  

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