Access for All at Brightlingsea Lido

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Inclusive access for users across ability


In the restoration of Brightlingsea lido, we have set ourselves the task of creating a facility that is as inclusive as possible of swimmers across the spectrum of ability. Ideally, we would like the lido to be a flagship facility of its type, with access creatively thought through in all aspects of its redevelopment and management.


In adopting an inclusive approach, we strive to take account of the needs of the widest range of users. Alongside mobility-restricted pool users and swimmers with other impairment types, we recognise the needs at times of those who are temporarily disabled through injury; likewise of older swimmers and families with young children and babies in arms.

We understand that equality of access to sports facilities (and comfortable, confident access) is nowhere more important than in the case of swimming pools, given the value of swimming to so many people, for health and leisure, recovery and rehabilitation. At the same time, we also know that sensitive design is particularly important in the case of pools, because issues like privacy and dignity are typically greater for some users in such settings. One’s sense of safety (or the lack of it) may also be heightened in a poolside context, and pool settings can at times be acoustically and visually challenging for some swimmers too.


We aim to think as broadly as possible about access, and to address proactively however we can. As in every other aspect of the restoration though, our intentions are inevitably subject to a very tight budget, and we are reliant upon and greatly appreciative of the donation of resources, a wide range of fundraising activities, and the endless generosity of volunteers offering their time and expertise.


Our commitment


At Brightlingsea Lido, we commit to the ongoing effort to improve the lido facility for all. We will keep you informed of the efforts we are making towards improved accessibility, including our achievements to date, and our goals where they remain outstanding.


We will be led by research into best practice on accessible design wherever possible (and where the topography of the site and available resources allow). But we will also always remain open to your suggestions and feedback as local users. If we cannot accommodate suggested changes for practical or other reasons, we will use this space to let you know why.


Contact us


If you would like to speak to us about any matter concerning access at the lido, or to get involved in or propose fundraising activities towards further accessibility improvements, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us…


Either ask to speak directly with our Lido Manager, Clive Edwards, or use our dedicated email address for access queries, as follows: