Do spectators pay?
Yes, the prices are for entry to the facility whether or not you use the pool.

Can I pay by card?
Yes, but please bring cash including change as there is only one card machine at the moment (shared between café and pools)

Do you allow re-entry?
Once you are in the lido you can stay until the end of the session but if you leave you will not be able to return unless you rejoin the queue and pay again. The exception is that we allow a quick pass so that customers can smoke (PLEASE use bin provided for the butts) or quickly collect an item from the car. Please ask reception for the pass/ stamp.

Can I bring my own food/drink?
There is a café on site which is now part of the lido, but you are welcome to bring your own food/drink. No glass or china please and no alcohol. No barbeques!

How can I avoid queuing?
On sunny days and at weekends the lido can reaching capacity soon after opening. Once we are full people are allowed in only when others leave on a one-out-one-in basis. The queue moves very slowly in the first hour or two after we reach capacity and more quickly later in the day as more people leave. The last hour or so at the end of the day tends to be quietest. 


Can I keep a space for my friend to join me?

After lots of comments about perceived queue-jumping last year for 2019 we will be issuing numbered queue tickets prior to opening to people who are queueing.  We hope that this will be fairer to all.  Once you have your queue ticket you can step away from the queue and return more easily.  Please talk to the people in the queue near you if someone is parking the car or visiting the loos at the end of promenade way;  this helps to avoid misunderstandings.


Do season tickets get priority?

Yes, season tickets and summer holiday pass holders can enter the lido at the start of the session, there is a separate queue at the start of the session for season ticket holders. They can also enter and reenter during all other sessions when we are not at capacity - show your season ticket/ holiday pass at reception. However, when the pool is full you will have to join the queue and wait with others.

Can I pre-order sunbeds?

These are first come first served- £2 per sunbed. You are welcome to bring your own seat/ shade. This has the added benefit of having something to sit on in the queue.


Can I book in advance?

Sorry we had hoped to introduce some online pre booking for 2019 but this has not been possible yet.


I have a disability; what facilities are there and can I get priority entry?

We strive to be as inclusive as possible and have made changes to improve access to the site including ramps, accessible changing room and handrails alongside the steps to the main pool. Disabled people pay the concessionary entrance fee and family carers accompanying them are charged half price. We are currently fundraising for a hoist to the pool and a changing bench. If your disability makes it difficult for you to queue, if you need assistance or have any questions please make this known to the volunteers and staff.  Currently the food hatch and decking area to the café are not accessible from pool side.  There is a bell to ask the café staff to serve you or reception will give a pass out to allow you to access the café and decking from the front of the building.

Are inflatables allowed?
Small inflatables are allowed in the paddling pool and the shallow end of the main pool. On exceptionally busy days the lifeguards may limit their use, if pool visibility is affected.

What are the child admission/supervision policies?
Ratio of one adult per three children (one per two children under eight). Children under eight must be accompanied at all times including in the main pool and in changing rooms (poolside supervision is allowed in the paddling pool). Lifeguards are there to maintain a safe facility, parents are expected to supervise their children. 

Is diving/ jumping allowed?
Only at the deep end and with care. No bombing and please listen to the lifeguards if they ask you not to jump in or to be more considerate.

Can I wear flippers?
Sorry, during public sessions for the safetly of all users flippers, hand paddles, full face masks, snorkels are not normally allowed. Please check with lifeguard if unsure.

How should I give feedback? 
Please let us know if you are dissatisfied or concerned about something so that we can try to help. You can speak to a lifeguard or to the duty manager on site or email brightlingsealido@gmail.com And if you have positive feedback please leave a review on our facebook page, googlemaps or tripadvisor.

Can I take photos?
We have a responsible photography policy, please focus on the people you are with and be considerate of others who may not wish to appear in your photos. And if you post on social media please tag us @brightlido as we love seeing all your pictures! No photos underwater or in changing rooms. If you are concerned about someone else’s photography please speak to the duty manager.

Is there a reduced price late in the day?
Sorry our entry charges are per entry and the same price applies right up until the last entry (which is 30 minutes before we close). Please also note we start clearing the pool 10 minutes before the end of the session.

For full pool safety rules please see signs at the entrance to the lido. The lifeguards are there to keep everyone safe, please co-operate with them. We reserve the right to refuse admission or ask you to leave and the duty manager’s decision is final.